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Method of correctly installing the lens of laser cutting machine

2020-10-08 08:44:33

Laser cutting belongs to the mechanical equipment,in use process more stringent requirements,‌‌about laser cutting effect of a very key component is the installation of the lens,laser cutting machine the parts if not in accordance with the provisions of the steps for installation is very easy to cause dislocation river bank or cutting machine cutting center deviation.So what should you pay attention to when installing laser cutting lens?

One step:Clean your hands before operation.Wash your hands with soap or detergent.This is a good habit for normal operation of a cutting machine lens.Do not contact the lens directly with bare hands.Use gloves to prevent finger marks from remaining on the lens.

Step 2:The lens should be placed smoothly so as not to slip and break.At the same time,the convex surface of the lens should be placed on a smooth and clean table.At the same time pay attention to check the desktop is free of clutter,so as not to confuse or affect the operating environment of the lens.

Three steps:lens of laser cutting machine careful wet,also can't use the traditional way of blowing air to wipe the lens,more can't use hot air to blow the lens,so as not to be affected by the sudden change of heat and damage the lens.The lens belongs to the same,the temperature and humidity are strictly controlled,so as not to affect the lens surface protection film and optical accuracy.

Four steps:After the laser cutting machine lens assembly,pay attention to the lens cleaning and dust,use clean air spray gun cleaning,do not use the ordinary spray gun.

Five steps:Keep the cutting machine lens clean,do not touch the lens surface directly with your hands,and strictly prevent other non-specified objects from directly touching the lens surface.In the lens cleaning and maintenance application of the wipe paper gently from the side to the other side slowly pull,so as not to scratch the surface of the lens.

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