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Types of laser cutting machines and points of attention in typesetting

2020-10-08 08:44:13

Before using the laser cutter,we would import the finished drawings into the program,and then arrange the drawings on a board with typesetting software,so that the laser cutter could process the products in batches.Although the typesetting process is very short,there is a great deal of knowledge hidden in it.If the typesetting is wrong,it will have a great impact on the cutting effect of the whole board.So,do you know what kinds of laser cutting machines are there?

Notes on typography:

1.Corner melting:

When decelerating through the corners of the sheet metal,the laser will overheat and melt the corners.

A small radius is generated at the corner to keep the laser high speed cutting and avoid overheating and melting of steel plate at the corner of cutting.

Thus,good cutting quality is obtained and cutting time is reduced to improve productivity.

2.Part spacing:

Generally cutting thick plate and hot plate,the space between parts to be large;

Because the heat of the thick plate heat effect is larger,in cutting corners and sharp corners and small graphics,easy to burn edge,affect the cutting quality.

3.Lead setting:

In the process of cutting thick plate,in order to make the cutting seam join well,prevent the beginning end and the end end;

At the beginning and end of the cutting,a section of transition line is usually drawn,which is called lead and tail line respectively.

The lead wire and tail wire are of no use to the workpiece itself,so it should be arranged outside the scope of the workpiece,and pay attention not to set the lead wire at a sharp Angle and other places not easy to heat.

The connection between the lead wire and the slotting adopts arc transition as far as possible to make the machine move smoothly and avoid corner stop.

4.Common edge cutting:

Two or more parts of the common edge into a combination,a large number of regular graphics as far as possible common edge;

Common edge cutting can shorten cutting time and save raw materials.

5.Part collision:

In order to maximize production efficiency,many laser cutting equipment are operated continuously for 24 hours and use automatic loading/unloading devices operated by no one.

The cutting head is damaged and the production is interrupted when it hits the tilting part which has been cut.

This is where you need to sort things:

(1)choose the appropriate cutting path,bypass the parts already cut,reduce the collision.

(2)choose the best cutting route,reduce the cutting time.

(3)Automatic or manual will be a number of small parts with the micro connection combined,after cutting,remove the parts,can easily connect the micro disconnect.

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