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What are the parameters that affect the welding quality of various laser welding machines

2020-10-08 08:54:49

The parameters affecting the welding quality of laser welding machine equipment include:laser pulse energy,laser beam spot diameter,laser pulse frequency,laser pulse width,laser pulse waveform,relative optical absorption rate of the welded material,welding speed,protective gas,etc.

Laser spot focusing diameter:this is a very important parameter reflecting the design performance of the laser.The unit is(mm),which determines the power density and processing range of the laser.If the optical design of the laser is reasonable,the laser energy is concentrated and the focus is accurate,the laser spot diameter can be controlled within the range of 0.2mm-2mm,and whether the focusing diameter of the laser can be controlled within 0.2mm is a strict test for the laser generator.

Frequency of laser pulses:This is the ability of the laser to emit many pulses in a second in(Hz).Firstly,it should be noted that welding metal USES laser energy,and under the condition of constant laser power,the higher the frequency is,the smaller the output energy of each laser will be.Therefore,we need to determine the laser output frequency under the condition that the laser energy is enough to melt metal and the processing speed is taken into account.In the case of laser repair of abrasive tools,15Hz can already meet the needs of welding,too high frequency is bound to cause the laser pulse energy is too low,resulting in welding failure.

Energy of a laser pulse:refers to the energy output by a single laser pulse in units of J(Joules).This is one of the main parameters of laser,it determines the laser will have more energy,according to the purpose of the mould,the laser energy under 70 j can already satisfy the need of any occasion,more energy is wasted,or not to use,and bring the laser power supply volume and radiator volume increasing,reduce the efficiency of the power supply.

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