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How to deal with the situation that the laser cutting machine equipment appears wide seam

2020-10-08 08:54:33

All the time,laser cutting machine equipment is one of the very important processing equipment in the manufacturing industry,it has high cutting precision,cutting and other outstanding advantages.Remember,any mechanical product weakens over time,and so does a laser cutter.As the equipment used for a longer and longer time,the precision of laser cutting machine will slowly decline,resulting in the situation that the slit is too wide,so,how should we deal with in the use of the process?

1.First of all,the technician should check the focal length of the laser cutting machine to see if the focal length is correct and adjust it in time if any error is found.It should be noted that there are two ways to adjust the focal length:manual and automatic.Manual focusing is easy to be forgotten.The technician should carefully check the focal length after changing or cleaning the lens.

2,the focal length is no problem,you can check the lens,big kerf width is also can avoid by check the lens in the laser cutting machine,if the surface of the lens in soiled will also affect the material cutting,no lens clean easy to light scattering,and became thicker,so check the lens and clean or replace is a good choice;

3.The placement of the laser tube is also a very important aspect.If the light spot has two points or the light spot is not round,it may be that the support point of the laser tube needs to be adjusted.

In the use of laser cutting machine will inevitably appear some mistakes,and this requires customers to do a good job in the laser cutting machine maintenance work,in order to extend the working time of laser cutting machine equipment,to create great value.

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