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Laser cutting machine in particular should pay attention to clean the lens and update

2020-10-07 17:52:57

Develop all have a fine atmosphere is to rely on the focal length adjustment,the focal length adjustment to the position is also fine when or is to adjust the power up or down can be reflected.

1.Check if there are any problems with the teaching AIDS,especially after cleaning the lens and updating the lens focal length change to adjust the correct focal length value.

2.The lens is the key reason.If the lens is damaged or fouling,it will lead to laser scattering and make the laser beam thicker.Changing or cleaning the lens is the method.

3.The laser tube is also a cause that cannot be ignored.If there is a bright spot or a light spot that is not round or hollow, the outlet of the procuratorial organ,the supporting point of the laser tube is the supporting point.What is your comment on this answer?Comment away enthusiastic netizen

Spread out all the focal lengths of the flame and try.What is your comment on this answer?Comment away enthusiastic netizen

Open up all adjustable or a little further away have been praised have stepped on what is your comment on this answer?Pack up comments

To develop all laser cutting machines has become an indispensable important tool in sheet metal processing,high cutting accuracy,and other advantages are the use of optical fiber laser cutting machines.At ordinary times,when we use laser cutting machine for processing,occasionally there will be a large cutting gap,resulting in the workpiece cutting accuracy decline,laser cutting machine can not meet the production requirements.What should I do if I encounter such a problem?The technical engineer came up with three solutions.

1.Check whether there is any problem with focal length.Pay special attention to cleaning the lens,replace the lens focal length change,adjust the correct focal length value!

2.Check whether the lens is damaged or dirt,laser cutting machine,because this will cause laser scattering,which will cause the laser beam to become larger,it is a method to replace or clean the lens.

3,the laser is also a factor that cannot be ignored,check the quality of the laser spot,if there are bright spots or points of light,cavity,cavity and other phenomena,for the support point of the laser,the direction is appropriate!The solution is to adjust the support,rotate the direction,and change the laser.

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