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What causes errors in metal laser cutting machines

2020-10-08 08:54:00

Metal laser cutting machine in the use of a lot of problems,including in the process of laser cutting errors,laser cutting effect is not good,and so on,so how these errors are generated?

Sample cutting 01

1.Workpiece geometry error

Due to a variety of reasons,the surface of the processed object is uneven,and in the process of cutting,there will be heat,so that the surface of the thin plate parts is easy to deformation,and because of the surface roughness,there will also be laser focus and the location of the surface of the processed object and the ideal location of random change.

2,the cutting thickness of the material exceeds the standard

Cutting material thickness exceeds standard.Take 3000W as an example:The thickness of the plate cut by the laser cutting machine is below 20 thicknesses.The thinner the plate,the easier it is to cut.

The better the quality.If the plate is too thick,laser cutting machine cutting up more difficult,in the case of cutting,machining accuracy will appear error,so to determine the thickness of the plate factor.

3.Programming errors

In the process of optical fiber laser cutting machine,the machining track on the complex surface is fitted by straight line,arc and so on.There are errors between the fitting curve and the actual curve,and these errors cause errors in the actual focus and the relative position of the processed object surface and the ideal programming position.Some instructional programming systems introduce biases.

4.Generation of focus position error during laser cutting

Cut sample 02

In optical fiber laser cutting machine cutting process,focus and change the relative position between the surface of the object being processed many factors related to surface smoothness processing products,the way of workpiece clamping,machine tools and machine tool geometric error,load for a long time will happen deformation and thermal deformation of workpiece in machining process can cause the laser focus position and the ideal of a given position deviation(programming location).

These random errors can not be avoided,only through online detection and control to reduce the error generation,so as to improve the working degree of optical fiber laser cutting machine.

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