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Laser cutting machine cutting easy burr reasons and solutions

2020-10-08 08:53:44

Laser cutting machine in sheet metal processing has been common,due to the high quality of the work,the finished product cutting,has become the standard sheet metal processing station.But some customers in the use of laser cutting machine,cutting out the workpiece burr,many people think it is the quality of laser cutting machine products,but not so.

In the process of sheet metal processing,the gas purity of laser cutting machine,parameter Settings,will affect the processing quality,equipment+gas+parameters,adjust to a good,cut out of the workpiece is no burr.

Burrs are simply excess residue particles on the surface of a metallic material.When the laser cutting machine is working on the workpiece,the energy generated by the laser beam shining on the surface of the workpiece vaporizes and evaporates to achieve the purpose of cutting.But there's a device here that we're going to pay attention to,which is the gas.

The gas is to blow off the slag on the surface of the workpiece after gasification of the irradiated surface of the workpiece.If the gas is not used,the slag will form burrs attached to the cutting surface after cooling.Therefore,the gas purity should be high,you can change to a higher quality gas supplier,the gas purity is very important,do not use cylinder gas,because after two filling,the purity is not good,also waste gas.

Another reason is the quality of the equipment itself,as well as the parameter setting factors,so when customers buy laser cutting machines,they have to ask experienced operators to adjust the equipment.Therefore,we should try our best to adjust the cutting parameters to the best,air pressure flow,focal length,cutting speed and so on,after many adjustments,depending on the parameters provided by the machine is unable to cut high quality of the workpiece.

If a material has burrs,then the material can be considered inferior.The more burrs,the lower the quality.

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